Migrate content to site on a different server

Our institution is seeking a way to move content from one Omeka site to another on a different server, preferably without completely overwriting the second site.

Our situation is this: a site was created for an undergraduate course to work with creating exhibits and for learning to use neatline. However the site was down in the last week of the quarter and the students were unable to access it to upload their final projects.

Because a public presentation was scheduled for that week, our supervisor had the students upload their work to a test site that we used in the ITC offices, just so they'd have *something* to show to display to the public.

Now that the course is over and the instructional site is working properly again, we want to move the student content off of the test site and onto the instructor's site for him to continue to work with. He already has material of his own on his site that we would prefer not to write over. The instructional site is on a different server than the test site.

What would be the recommended way to effect moving this material? Apologies if I am overlooking something obvious; I searched the forum and couldn't find anything that fit our particular situation.

You should be able to use the Omeka API Import plugin (documentation) to move the material over. Importing with this plugin will not overwrite, simply add.

I followed the instructions for Moving to Another Server https://omeka.org/codex/Moving_to_Another_Server
and uploaded the folders indicated in those instructions. No luck. Can you suggest some troubleshooting tips?

Irisf - can you be more specific in terms of what went wrong?

Thank you @mebrett!

I am getting "The background.php.path in config.ini is not valid. The correct path must be set for the import to work" error when I try to use the API Import plugin, but I'm working with my server admin to get that fixed. Hopefully once the path is updated it will work smoothly.

@mebrett - thanks for reply. I don't know what went wrong. I uploaded the themes, plugins and files directories to my new server but nothing appears on the Omeka site. There should be items, collections and a Neatline exhibit. (Neatline is installed & activated on my new Omeka site.)