Metadata in Photoshop

If I create and enter IPTC Core metadata into an Adobe Photoshop image file, will that information automatically transfer automatically into Omeka when I import the file? Or will I have to input that information again?

This is a great question. Did you ever find an answer or a work-around?

Omeka 2.0 will try to extract metadata from files, but results can be somewhat variable. It also doesn't yet do much with the data extracted, like putting it into metadata elements for the file. It is just stored in the database, but could be used to do more interesting things

I'm on version 2.3.1 and did a batch import of several jpg files which have the IPTC metadata embedded. But I don't see it anywhere in Omeka after the import. Can I get access to the metadata? I will need to map it to the Dublin Core metadata. The collection was built in Portfolio and the site would like to change to Omeka so this is a showstopper if it cannot be done. (20k jpg files)
I notice in Portfolio that I can export the metadata so I could probably map it via a csv file?

Any help would be appreciated