Metadata format for ingest

Is there a standard way of adding metadata fields that have spaces in them via insert_item()

This works:

$item_element_texts = array(
        'Item Type Metadata'=>array(  'Restrictions'=>array(array('text'=>$data['usage'], 'html'=>false)),
            'Date'=>array(array('text'=>$data['date'], 'html'=>false)),
            'Interviewee'=>array(array('text'=>$data['creato'], 'html'=>false)),
            'Interviewer'=>array(array('text'=>$data['publis'], 'html'=>false)),
            'Abstract'=>array(array('text'=>$data['captio'], 'html'=>false)),
            'Citation'=>array(array('text'=>$data['citati'], 'html'=>false)),
            'Repository'=>array(array('text'=>$data['reposi'], 'html'=>false)),
            'Transcript'=>array(array('text'=>$data['transc'], 'html'=>false)),

This doesn't:

$item_element_texts = array(
'Item Type Metadata'=>array(
'Interview Number'=>array(array('text'=>$data['title'], 'html'=>false)),


It should work just fine and the same way with Elements that contain spaces in their names.

Are you sure "Interview Number" is part of the Item Type of the Item you're creating, and that there's no typos going on, either in the Element's real name or in the insertion code you're using?