Metadata extension

We are in the process of developing a metadata schema for multilingual performing arts subject matter and think that Omeka would make a good use target for this. The objective would be to allow the use of this metadata schema for individual collections to import and extend their performing arts metadata, and then to be able to expose the generated metadata to Web services or other sharing mechanisms.

Would the Omeka team be interested in joining some discussions about implementation and use? We can be contacted at my username at cornell dot edu or at glopac at cornell dot edu.

The next release of Omeka will offer greater flexibility in supporting additional metadata schemas in the form of element-sets. By default, Omeka uses Dubling Core for metadata, and element-sets can be pre-defined schemas used to extend your DC item metadata. They're added via a plugin, and sound like a good option for your project.

I'll be in touch with you shortly.

Dave Lester