Metadata Display

I'm currently using <?php echo show_item_metadata( array('show_empty_elements' => false) ); ?> to prevent empty fields from displaying. Also I've added a conditional statement to the item-metadata.php to prevent a few other metadata fields from displaying even if they have data in them.

However, I noticed in the newer themes like Berlin 1.3 you can customize the Dublin Core fields for display in the admin mode. Currently I'm using a very modified Emiglio theme. Is there a way to revise my theme so that I can configure it from the admin mode? Or is there a way to put my theme into a 1.3 theme? I've looked into modifying the Berlin theme, but there doesn't seem to be the same files I'm used to seeing (screen.css index.php, browse.php), so I'm not sure what to edit.

From 1.3 up, themes can omit pretty much any file, and they'll pick up an Omeka default (these are in application/views/scripts). Since most of our default themes work on the same HTML, they just omit those files and use the fallbacks.

Omeka will still respect all the theme files you're used to, they just don't all have to be there. If you're looking for a base to modify from, application/views/scripts is the place (though the config.ini from Berlin is what's important for the actual customization form).

Note that you can already change the "show empty elements" setting from the admin panel, regardless of theme. There's a checkbox in the Site Settings area that controls the default setting for show_empty_elements.

Thanks, I'll see what I can figure out.