Memory Error

I've been updating my site fairly heavily for the past few weeks. I've started getting this error message occasionally:


Mysqli statement execute error : Out of memory (Needed 3355424 bytes)

It doesn't happen with any consistency and the error description tells me that it can't execute any array in the database. Is this a problem with my server receiving too many hits/updates? Or is Omeka struggling to accommodate all the data I've loaded into it? (It's currently housing ~1000 .jpg files all between 2-3MB and their associated metadata)

Is there any pattern at all to the messages?

The sizes of the images you're storing doesn't have any effect on Omeka's or the database's memory usage, and most Omeka pages are limited to small amounts of the total items, so having many items generally isn't a memory problem.

That being said, just increasing your PHP memory limit may solve this problem.

Who is your web host? If it's DreamHost, and you're on a shared plan, they deceptively provide very little PHP memory. Their support has told me it's enough PHP memory to run a single Wordpress or single Omeka instance. They will up your PHP memory a little on shared plans if you contact them.

I had to upgrade to a VPS plan because I run multiple Wordpress and multiple Omeka instances on the same plan/account.

The site is being hosted by Vercordia Web Services. I also have it hosting a WordPress site and the old version of the Omeka site is archived there. I'll check into upping the amount of PHP memory and see if that does the trick. Thanks!