Membership expiration

My users are commonly students, I want to stop the access to my omeka content when they have finished their studies. So, is it possible to set up a membership expiration(date) setting for each user in omeka? What should be done if I wanted to have the feature in my omeka?

There's not a way to do that in Omeka. It would require writing a custom plugin to add that functionality.

The best thing to do, then, is probably just to deactivate or delete the accounts for the students.

Yes, right now,im manually deactivating user accounts,but there are hundred of accounts for every semestar, and it is laborious. If the omeka dev team could consider to develop the plugin, it will be great. And im sure other omeka enthusiast will benefit from it. Thanks patrickmj...

Right now the dev team's plate is pretty full with getting grant deliverables done. If another developer wants to pick up this idea, though, we can off help if they get stuck.

Hi,patrickmj, can i do/alter something at omeka_users table to setup the expiration date...? please guide least i can try on my own..

I don't think that anything directly on the table would work. It would probably call for a plugin that would watch login dates and delete users based on that date.