Mediawiki and Scripto

I have an Omeka 2.0.2 installation up and running using the most recent version of Berlin and the most recent version of Scripto along with MediaWiki1.21.2. I can log into Scripto using my administrator account. I cannot when using a test account. Neither can another test user. One thing I noticed s?is that my MYSQL database name and user name are the same. Could this be a problem? Other thought

Is the test account a MediaWiki account or an Omeka account? Scripto only recognizes MediaWiki accounts. What exactly happens when you try to log in to Scripto? Do you get an error message?

Has there been any progress on the development of an integrated wiki toolbar that can be used with scripto? We have our install up and running and it would be very helpful to have special symbols available. Also, we would like to transcribe a large manuscript with datasets in tables. And it seems like we could do this with scripto if we could use the add table tab of the mediwiki. Has anyone tried this yet?


I am having the same issue as jmf.

I can log into Scripto with my own Mediawiki account, but when I try to create a username for someone else to be able to use Scripto, it says that the username does not exist. What is strange is that they can log in to Mediawiki with the information I sent and it states that their e-mail and account has been confirmed.

I followed the Mediawiki instructions to "Restrict Account Creation" by editing the LocalSettings.php file to allow only sysops users to register new accounts.

I also followed these steps:

Go to the MediaWiki website
Click "Special pages" in the toolbar
Click "Log in / create account" under "Login / sign up"
Click "Create an account."
Fill in the information and do one of the following:
Fill in a password and click "Create account"
Fill in an email and click "By e-mail" (The user will receive an email with instructions on how to complete their account creation. You can modify the account creation email by editing the MediaWiki:Createaccount-text page.)

Does anyone have an idea for what I may be doing wrong? I don't get Omeka error messages. Just messages that the username is not found.

What version of MediaWiki, Omeka, and the Scripto plugin are you using?