Maximum Number of Items & Transferability of Data

I ask this question because it's been a year since last asked by someone else and I was wondering whether the answer had changed or evolved.

How many items can Omeka handle? Is there a point at which Omeka's database can't handle any more information reliably?

An archivist told me that Omeka can only handle 1,000-3,000 items because the database isn't as robust as that offered by vendors like ContentDM. Is his point valid?

I ask because if our system gets Omeka we'd like to commit to it for at least 5 years and have confidence that it can sustain the volume of items we intend to add to it during that time.

Finally, the archivist I spoke to said that transferring data from Omeka to another DAMS is not smooth - that it involves massaging a lot of the data, which is time and labor intensive. Is this true?

There are certain Omeka installations with far more than 3,000 items. Florida Memory is at least a few hundred thousand.

Transferring data between systems is rarely, if ever, a smooth process. Results tend to vary based on the two systems involved. That said, Omeka has a few different ways to export data, including OAI-PMH using a couple different sets, so if the target system can work with that, it might make things more smooth.