Map redirection


I currently testing Omeke, Neatline, Simile and Waypoints for use in a new exhibit. Is it possible to have the Simile timeline slider redirect the map as the waypoints do?

Let's say I have 2 records, one centered on Italy and one centered on New York. Italy is dated 2012 and New York is dated 2013. I would like the timeline to toggle back and forth between both locations when they appear in the timeline.

Is this possible?


Hi dlacy,

Yes, the Simile widget points to the item you've created and associated with the timeline view. It should re-focus the map on the item you select, however, it does require a "click" to register the intent to change between the maps (as the Waypoints do).

Make sense?



Yes, that makes sense. How can I extend the slider to apply the click event when a record slides into focus (assuming that the map's centered location changes)?