Manually Uninstall Contribution 2.1 Plugin from Omeka 2.1.1

We just installed the Contribution 2.1 plugin on our Omeka 2.11 server. Once the install was complete, we could no longer view the site or the admin site. I then proceeded to remove the Contribution from the plugins directory and the site and admin site became available again.

It looks like this plugin is not support on my Omeka version. The question I have is there a was for me to completely back this plugin out of the system. Since I can not get to the plugin screen on the admin site when the files are in place, I do not get the uninstall/deactivate buttons. I was hoping that there was a way to do this through the CLI.

Thanks for you help in advance.

You'll need to manually delete/edit the Contribution row from the omeka_plugins table in your MySQL database. Be sure to make a backup first.

Or you can install a compatible version (download from Github; note that it requires GuestUser plugin as well and has not been formally released). This should allow you to properly de-activate and remove.