Manually Clearing Cache

At the bottom of the Cache Plugin there are these instructions for clearing the cache:
"If you want to manually clear the cache on your site, goto the admin dashboard (the main admin page), and look in the lower right region of the page, where the Page Caching subsection is located, and then click the "Clear Page Caching" button."

I'm at the dashboard and, for the life of me, I can't see that button. I don't see anything related to cache. Am I blind (using ver 1.2.1)?

I've just tried this, and you should see the "Page Caching" section in the sidebar on the right side of the admin dashboard page (under the "Site Overview", "Recent Items" and "Recent Tags" sections).

That's weird because "Page Caching" is not showing up on my dashboard. Here's a screenshot of what I see:

Is it possible that I need to turn that on someplace? Again, I'm using Omeka ver 1.2.1.


Is the Page Caching pluing installed and active?

In Settings->Plugins panel, if you see a green button that says Activate click that to complete the installation process.


Thanks Shiela.