Managing Multiple Omeka Accounts


I do archiving for Wellesley College and a question we have is how we can manage different accounts in Omeka.

I would be especially interested in how other academic institutions are handling that issue. We are looking at having multiple students work in Omeka, and want to figure out what the issues might be.

Thank you!


Are you talking about different user accounts in the same Omeka site?

What would you like the students to work on?
If you want them to create items or to build exhibits out of items already added, each one can have a Contributor user level. That way they can edit only the items they have added, and can create and edit their own exhibits.

If you want everyone collaborating on item creation, editing, and exhibit making, I'd suggest giving them "admin" roles.

I know we can have different users, but I want to know if a user's permissions can be restricted... so that they can only edit their own work, for instance. Does that make sense?

Yes, so that would be at the Contributor level. Those users can only edit their own work.

Thank you very much and sorry for the cross forum posting.

What I did notice though was when I invite new users, no confirmation is sent to their inbox or spam. I just saw there was an Omeka update released on the 19th. Does that address this issue?

Thanks again.