Managing Item Types - Deleting metadata field

The "How To" guide implies that I can delete custom metadata fields from the item types but I can only see ways to add/reorder them.

Is the only way to delete a field (which in my case I accidentally added) to poke at the SQL database? And if so, do I just remove an entry? (The instructions for modifying the field didn't include removal and I don't want to trip over any interdependencies or constraints).

If you are editing an item type (admin/item-types/edit), there is a "Remove" button to the far right of each element field. Clicking "Remove" will delete it without needing to do so in the database.

What version of Omeka are you working in?

Thank you. What a blunder on my part! I use two different accounts, only one with "super" powers. I must have tried to edit it from my other account.

We are using Omeka 1.2.1