Manage external pages

I've a problem: I would like to create a new "external" page (for example for show a result of a new db table)
is it possible?? what I've to do??

I have to create my Controller, my Model... (2 new page?? s) ... and a new View page ... It's OK??

... but How Can I integrate this new pages in omeka template/layout and allow this page linkable (also as external page/link) in menu??

I would like to create a small webapplications using this Omeka but for do this I would like to know the right solution for integrate external pages (not created using admin area)

I hope that you can help me!! Thanks

Hi Sarah,
I'm not exactly sure what you are looking to do. Simple Pages can help create individual pages that you can design and you may pull in external content.

If you are interested in using both WordPress and Omeka to create and publish different types of content pages, take a look what the Museum in a Day folks did last month:
Good luck.

Thanks for your reply... but I don't know how to do it.

Suppose that I've installed omeka, now I want to create a web applicaiton using omeka:

I've to add a new "external" page that show values from a table
I've to to add a page with a insert form

... How Can I create X new pages (with MVC structure) and with my omeka layout/structure?


It sounds like you want to build an Omeka plugin. I'd suggest reviewing our Documentation wiki, particularly Plugin Writing Best Practices, and the Writing Your First Omeka Plugin use case.

Once you have an idea of the structure of plugins, you may find that your questions are better fielded by the Omeka Developer Mailing List.