MAMP instalation (MAC)

In installing version 2.0 on MAMP, all goes well, but when uploading image files thumbnails are not created (no files, and no errors). Everything else works fine.

I have tried inserting the path to given to me by "which convert" (/opt/ImageMagick/bin/convert) with and without the "bin" or "convert" (and all possible configurations!) but Omeka does not accept it. I tried installing version 1.5 of Omeka to test and that did not work as well. Any ideas?

I have read many of the threads, but none of them seem to point to a good final answer. Am I missing something?

Have you looked at this post?

Generally people's problems seem to be that, when running under MAMP, the libraries ImageMagick needs to load aren't found. The "envvars" changes described in that post should fix that problem and get ImageMagick to run.