Making Site Search-Engine Friendly

I'd like my site to be more available to search engines. To that end, I'd like to add metadata or other information to my site home page for search engines to index. The Settings page lets me add the basic site title, which is great, but the "title tags" that I'd like to add make the page look horrible. Is there some way to add a hidden, or subscript, text that will fit into the title tags category? Thanks.

Hi Brian,

Do you have a link to your site that we could see? I'd like to see how the home page looks with the additional content, and what specifically you want to add. What do you mean, for example, by the "title tags category"? You could easily add some text to your home page and hide it with CSS, if that's what you'd like to do.

Additionally, you can edit the common/header.php file in your public theme, and add any number of <meta> tags you'd like, including ones for keywords and description. You can also add additional content inside the <title> tag for your site here as well.

Hope this helps!