Making data available through API

The page at says that element sets are one of the things that can be exposed by the API. Does this mean that if, for example, a MODS element set was created in Omeka, that this could then be made available as an OAI-PMH feed via the API?

Sorry if this sounds loopy - I am not a technical user!

We want to be able to have our Omeka records harvested by an external aggregator and they want the incoming records to be in MODS format, but the MODS output in the repository plugin simply comes from DC and that is not comprehensive enough for their needs.

With thanks, Katrina

Yes, any element set data will be exposed by the API.

Two caveats, though.

First, that'd require a plugin to create the MODS element set. I think people have done that before, but I don't have a link handy. Due to some of the limitations of Omeka itself, even the element set might not express all of the data you need. For example, there is no nesting of elements.

Second, the API emits JSON data, so there would be additional coding work to either turn that into OAI-PMH, or to make it compatible with whatever system you need it to work with.

Thank you very much. Glad I was on the right track :)