Making Contribution Plugin .10 compatible


I was wondering if there is anyone working on or anyone who has immediate plans to port the Contribution plug-in to version .10beta.? I'd like to use it in a project I am working on ( and wanted to investigate if anybody is already working on this.


Hi Kevin,

We're planning (barring any major setbacks) to have the Contribution plugin ready by the end of February.

The site looks terrific! I love the modifications to the theme, especially the header graphic!


Just to follow up on Jeremy's post. If you'd like to help upgrade the Contribution plugin yourself and help get it out before February, please let us know on the dev list ( We'll get you started.


Any update about when the contribution plug in will be upgraded?



Hi Beth,
We are working on the contribution plugin right now so that it will be compatible for the upcoming 1.0 release at the end of March/early April. There were some big bugs when we released with the .10 beta so we had to take it off of the plugins menu because we knew it would break. Can you hold on for another few weeks?

Of course! THanks for the update!

I know these things can be unpredictable, but I'm really hoping that Contribution will be ready by mid-May, when we will be launching a new site -- one that is kind of built on the promise of user contributions. I hate when websites launch with features that are "coming soon"! Should I hold my breath?

Thanks for all the good work. -- erin

Good news! The Contribution plugin has been upgraded to work with version 1.0 Beta, which we hope will be out by the end of this week or early next week. We'll zip up the plugin and have it available for download on the plugins page.

Hello Jeremy

I checked the plugins page, but the contribute plugin is still not available. Is the updated version available on the svn?

When can we expect the plugin to be released?

Where can we download the Contribution plugin for 1.0 Beta?

I found a discussion about it on the Google Group, but I cannot find the zip of it there or on this site.

Contribution plugin is available now and works for Omeka 1.0! Download from the plugins page: