Make URLs for Simple Pages case Insensitive?

Is it possible to have Simple Page URLs case insensitive, or somehow convert them all to lowercase?

Other pages in Omeka work with either all lowercase or all uppercase. For instance,
both work. Is there a change I can make in order to get the same behavior from Simple Pages?


Case sensitivity is inherited from the operating system. One work-around is to use the apache mod_speling module which would match collections to COLLECTIONS.

I have mod_speling enabled but it is not matching to

All other pages (collections, exhibits, items/show, etc..) that are not created with Simple Pages match correctly.

Since it is only happening with Simple Pages, I'm wondering if there is a specific area in the Simple Page's plugin code (or somewhere else) that I can do some formatting on the slug of the Simple Page being passed in order to convert it all to lowercase. Is this possible or am I on the wrong track?

Omeka's "normal" URLs aren't quite case insensitive either. They will work in all-caps as they do in lowercase, but any changes in case within the URL will generally cause problems.

The way Simple Pages adds routes is indeed case-sensitive, but this is why Simple Pages forces you to make lowercase-only slugs.

The reasoning behind my question is that we are migrating an existing site that has been using some links in all-caps. These links have have made their way around to many external places, so all of the links to our pages in all-caps from an eternal site will be incorrect.

Is it possible to modify Simple Pages to to have the same behavior as Omeka's "normal" URLs?