Make header-image link to exhibit home page

Using Berlin. Would like to add a link to the header image to the exhibit home and get rid of the H1 primary text header.

Is this possible.

Depending on which version of Omeka and Berlin you're using, the answer may vary. First, check to see if this is a theme option at yoursitedotcom/admin/themes/config?name=berlin (I'm not sure, but I think it is or was a configurable option).

But basically, you can find the code for the header in themes/berlin/common/header.php.

The h1 text is probably generated with something like:

<h1><?php echo link_to_home_page(); ?></h1>

Just replace it with whatever HTML (img) you want to use, keeping in mind that it's still a best practice to have a text-based site title in your header for accessibility and SEO.

Sorry I didn't make my self clear. It's the custom header image that you can add for the specific exhibit
-- not the site link at the top. It's beneath the header in the 'primary' area and comes in above the exhibit site title.

Oh. Not sure exactly, but you could try copying - not moving - files from ExhibitBuilder/views/public to your theme as such...

  • exhibit-builder/
    • exhibits/

      • summary.php
      • show.php
      • item.php

Then you should be able to edit theme however you like. The files in your active theme will override the build-in templates.

See related documentation here: