Maintian Item Type Metadata Without Making it Public

Is there a way to maintain Item Type Metadata so that Super Users can view the metadata without making it public? For example, I want to document Original Format metadata, but I don't want that metadata to be public.

I just published a plugin called Hide Elements for Omeka 2.0. It lets you pick specific elements and hide them from the admin side, the public side, or the input form.

I added the Hide Elements plugin. I would like to hide the Item Type Metadata, Original Format, from the public. I clicked the "public box" and saved changes, but I still see the Original Format metadata on my public page.



Oops, yes, it seems to have a little bug when dealing with Item Type elements.

There's a version 1.1 up there at the same link which should fix that problem.

Excellent! That did it. Thanks!