maintaining order of tags

By default, tags are displayed in alphabetical order. When our items are imported, the tags are in an order with special significance (personal names at the start and place names at the end, for example). Is there a way to preserve this order when records are displayed? I have amended what I believe to be the relevant line in /application/models/Mixin/Tag.php, to remove tag sorting, and the beginning of the tag sequence is correct, but not the end of it.

Removing the alphabetical sorting will probably result in the tags being sorted by their ID in the database, so if there is any duplication of tags across items it could mix up the order.

Depending on how you are doing the importing, mapping the tags to custom item type elements might be an option for preserving the order. Are these coming in through the CSV Import plugin?

Yes, I'm using CSV import.

Another way at it, then, might be to create Item Type metadata fields for the different kinds of names (or use an existing Dublin Core field if appropriate). Then, if it's possible to break those out into separate columns in your CSV file you could map them directly.

If you need the ability of tags to click on them to see a list of items with that tag, you can use the Search by Metadata plugin to create the same effect.