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Hi there,

can you please help with homepage display? Why I see "browse exhibit" and "contribute" in my main navigation in
if I don't have these two links in the code in the header.php?

<div id="primary-nav">
<ul class="navigation">
<?php echo public_nav_main(array('The Project' => uri('about'), 'The Volume'=>uri('exhibits/show/mirror'), 'Narratives'=>uri('exhibits'), 'Archive' => uri('items'), 'Activities' => uri('http%3A//'))); ?>

</div><!-- end primary-nav -->


Some of the plugins add links to the navigation in their plugin files. To change the wording of “Browse Exhibits”, open the ExhibitBuilder folder in your plugin directory on the server and open the plugin.php file (plugins/ExhibitBuilder/plugin.php). Scroll down to function exhibit_builder_public_main_nav ($navArray){navArray [‘Browse Exhibits’] = uri (‘exhibits’) You can edit the text in between the hash marks to read whatever you would like.

Or, if you'd like to create new navigation you can add a new call that will replace the "public_nav_main" that exists in the header.php file with this example of customized nav (replace the uri’s w/the path to those specific pages and you title them using words inside the single quotes):

<?php echo nav(array(‘Archive’ ?> uri(‘items’),’Teaching’ => uri(’#’),’History’ => uri(’#’),’Resources’ => uri(’/resources’),’About’ => uri(‘about’),’Partners’=>uri(‘partners’))); ?>

Hope this helps.