Lunarpages install via Softaculous

I took a shot at installing on Lunarpages as we have an open account, but I've received this error message:
Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_OBJECT_OPERATOR in /home/bmsar0/public_html/omeka/index.php on line 21 which is: $app->getBootstrap()->setOptions(array(

I saw in another post that this usually indicates a php issue but this is 5.2.17. Any suggestions? I'd love to run Omeka through Lunarpages if I can get it running.

Thank you!

Are you sure you're using PHP 5.2.17? This is, as you saw elsewhere, normally a problem that people see when they're using very old versions of PHP.

Thank you John. I didn't want to break anything else if it was just PHP. Lunarpages has both PHP 4 and 5 on its servers. I updated to 5 (there is a PHP FAQ in Lunarpages Support on how to test and update) and it's fine now. I'm looking forward to using Omeka!