Lots of Plugin Questions/Troubles + Thanks!

Greetings! First off, I just want to say that I am completely in love with Omeka, this is what I've been waiting to find for years! I have one Omeka site up and running now, www.DerivedEnergy.com, but I plan to make at least 4 other sites in the very near future! Thank you thank you thank you to everyone that has worked so hard on the creation of this system!

So at the moment, I am trying to trick DeriverEnergy.com out with all types of cool plugins, and I'm having lots of trouble getting quite a few of them to work. First off, I am running Omeka 2.1.3, using the "Griddy" theme, and so far I AM able to run the following plugins without any trouble:

Atom Output
Collection Tree
Download Logger
Dublin Core Extended
HTML5 Media
Image Resize
IntenseDabate Comments
Item Order
Item Relations
Library of Congress Subject Headlings
MediaRSS plugin for the Cooliris Image Viewer
My Omeka
OAI-PMH Harvester
OAI-PMH Repository
Simple Vocab
Social Bookmarking
WikiCite for Omeka

However I AM NOT able to run any of the following, I can't get any version of any of the plugins listed below to work. They will show up on the list on plugins, yes, but you can't activate them, often telling me I need a lower version of Omeka than the one I'm currently running.:

Add Item - Won't work, says I need a lower version of Omeka than the one I'm running
Cataloge Search - Won't work, not one version of it.
DerivitiveImages - Won't work.
HideElements - Won't work.
NeatlineTime - Won't install
PBCore Element - Set won't install
Record Relations - Won't install
Search by metadata - Won't install
*ZoomIt - not working, but installed and running, just not functional.

The Following WILL install, but cause serious problems to the site once activated.:

Commenting - This is one that I most want to use! It installs, but when activated, it breaks the site if I try and look at items.. And I get this message:
"Omeka has encountered an error. To learn how to see more detailed information about this error, see the Omeka Codex page on retrieving error messages." I did follow the provided link, but I didn't think what I found there was connected to the problems I was encountering.

Scripto - Also dying to use this, but once activated, I get this message: "Omeka has encountered an error.To learn how to see more detailed information about this error, see the Omeka Codex page on retrieving error messages."

Record Relations/UserProfiles - Neither one will install properly, but say I need to be using at least Omeka 2.0, when I am in fact running higher than that... Would very much love to use these both as well!

I truly am sorry for such a long post, thanks in advance for any and all suggestion on how to fix any of these issues, Scripto and Commenting and User Profiles are the ones I would most like help with.

Thanks very much everyone!

All the best,

Very glad to hear that you're liking and using Omeka. Thanks!

1. On plugins, some of the ones you've listed are not compatible with Omeka 2.0. The list of compatible plugins is here:http://omeka.org/blog/plugin_categories/2-0-compatible/
Some of those plugins have been developed by the Omeka community and they are responsible for upgrading.

2. Griddy theme: this hasn't been updated for 2.0, and may explain some of the issues you're having. Each theme states what version is compatible with. Thanks, Roy, Seasons, Berlin, Astrolabe, and Neatscape are updated for 2.0.

3. Commenting--there is a known bug with 2.0, and we're working on fixing that within the next week or two.

4. Scripto--please be sure you are following the instructions for running it with MediaWiki. Scripto has a user's guide on its site: http://scripto.org/documentation/omeka-scripto/omeka-scripto-installation-and-configuration/

Here's some more big-picture things to look at:

That message about activating error messages is a general help for us figuring out what might be going wrong. It will produce long messages that will be helpful to us for tracking things down, so, if something is going wrong, following those instructions will be helpful no matter what.

The version stuff seems a little odd. Like Sheila said, Griddy isn't released for 2.0, and so it would completely break your site. There are some other parts of the site that look like Omeka 1.5, rather than 2.1.3. Could you double-check the version of Omeka that is installed?

Related question: I am having issues with the Comment plugins for 2.0. Both that I am trying are 2.0 compatible, but one breaks the site completely and the other doesnt install correctly. Below are the plugins and the error messages.

1. Commenting 2.1 - Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_PAAMAYIM_NEKUDOTAYIM in /home8/qcarchiv/public_html/zineproject/plugins/Commenting/CommentingPlugin.php on line 182

2. Comments - Add Comments To All Item Pages?
Fatal error: Call to undefined function __v() in /home8/qcarchiv/public_html/zineproject/plugins/Comments/plugin.php on line 46

Of those two, only Commenting is 2.0 compatible. Comments is a plugin contributed by a community member, but it hasn't been updated in a while and only works on 1.x.

The Commenting error you posted looks like a simple typo/mixup in 2 lines of the plugin. Out of curiosity, what version of PHP are you using?