Lost Thumbnails and PDFs after Upgrading to 2.1.3

We upgraded to 2.1.3 from 2.1.2 this week. Unfortunately, we are now missing hundreds of thumbnails and PDFs. We backed up the old database and followed the upgrade instructions. Here is a link to one of our collections: http://alplm-cdi.com/chroniclingillinois/items/browse?collection=3

Does anyone have a solution to this problem? We contacted our host and they ran a restoration, but the images are still missing.

I see that Omeka has announced the upcoming arrival of 2.1.4. Given the experiences with past upgrades, I will be reluctant to upgrade again. Is what I am experiencing a common problem?

I would appreciate any advice on this issue.

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The files, including the thumbnails, are just stored on the filesystem. Omeka doesn't touch them or do anything automatic to them during an upgrade.

The upgrade instructions contain the only step that concerns the files, which is simply having you move or copy them from the old installation to the new one. Are you sure you moved all the files over when you performed the upgrade?

Thanks for the response. Yes, we moved all of the files from the old to the new installation. I understand that Omeka has nothing to do with this process, but it is frustrating to lose files every time we do an update. I have requested our host to look into it in more detail. I guess there is no way to do an upgrade without moving the entire old installation every time.

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One thing I'll point out is that it doesn't look like your missing files are random, or something like the whole thumbnails directory.

It seems like you're simply missing all the files, in all their sizes, for several specific items. It almost looks like you grabbed an older copy of the files folder when you moved it back into place.

OK. That is useful. I will check it out. We have several older versions on the server.



I checked. We did not move an older copy. It seems the files may have been lost during timeouts during file transfer.

When you transfer files, it is a good idea to use rsync instead of using a GUI file copy.

rsync -chavzP sourcefolder/ targetfolder/ will do a checksum test of each file to make sure that they don't get corrupted during transfer. If the filetransfer gets interrupted, you simply run the command again and it picks right up where you left off.

Thanks, anuragji. Your suggestion is very helpful.