Lost tabs in Seasons after upgrade

We just upgraded to 2.3 and we cannot find the tabs to access our site on our main page. Using the Seasons theme.

Which tab, specifically, do you mean? Do you have a url you can share with us and tell us what you're not seeing?

On the old version we had a navigation menu that included Home, View Collections, View All Items, Online Exhibits, and About SAIL at CNU. Those navigation bars were above our library photo. Now there is nothing. Our url is sail.cnu.edu/omeka
Many thanks for your help.

If you inspect elements, the Nav is still there, but it's hidden under your header image. It looks like this is a custom version of Seasons?

SO I just need to adjust the header? This page was created by my predecessor so I am unfamiliar with what customization she did (besides color changes) and I myself am new to php and css coding. I will see if changing the header dimensions helps.
Thanks for your help.

Best of luck! (There are a lot of resources online to learn css, if it comes down to it)

This looks like more than a dimensions issue. The display of those elements is turned off, which looks like a matter of the CSS classes.

In common/header.php, there should be a couple lines like this:

<nav id="top-nav" class="top" role="navigation">
    <?php echo public_nav_main(); ?>

My guess is that in your version of that file, there is something different, instead of <?php echo public_nav_main(); ?> ?

That PHP function should be producing the correct HTML to make the navigation display.

Still working in it, the nav code in the common header seems to be written as you have detailed. When we rewrite the old css file, the navigation header shows up so we are going to now try to compare the old css file to the new one in the update and see where we encounter differences.

The basic CSS classes that should be added to the HTML should be:

* on the first <ul> inside <nav>, it should also have class 'nav-menu'

* on each <li>, there should be the class 'nav-item'

Without those, it will probably continue to misbehave.

Those are usually produced automatically by that function

I think I've tracked this down from a similar issue in another theme.

Try completely deleting the entire seasons folder, then upload the updated theme so it has a completely clean start. It looks like there is a javascript file (globals.js) that was removed in the updated version, but it still there and causing this problem.

Hello-- I'm very new to Omeka, and working from the Omeka.net editing side. Is there any possibility of fixing this issue without having access to the CSS? I'm guessing no, but I thought it couldn't hurt to ask. Thanks!

Omeka.net support and questions are best directed to the omeka.net contact form.

In the interaction between the omeka standalone and omeka.net help teams, it sounds like this is, in fact, a question for here -- looks like you are hosting your own omeka site, that isn't in omeka.net?

If that's the case, the solution of deleting that javascript file (globals.js) will do the trick. If you don't have access to it, whoever set up the installation should.

Hope that helps

Hello again! Yes, after speaking with more of the veteran staff for our project, I was able to find the hosting place for our standalone site. I was able to delete the globals.js file and VOILA! the theme is working perfectly. Thanks for being patient while I figured out the nature of our project! This is a pretty easy fix after all!