Lost password

Hi there,

I have forgotten my password to log in as administrator for my omeka install. When I request my password to be re-sent to my e-mail address on file, nothing comes (I have waited 12 hours and checked my spam filter). Any ideas?


Just to double-check, when you try to reset it do you get a message asking you to check your email? If you don't -- and you don't get a message saying that there was some other error, then my guess is that something on the server for sending mail is going amiss, maybe some configuration somewhere.

Hi Patrick,

Thanks for the message -

I get a message saying I should check my e-mail, but nothing comes. No error messages either - thoughts?

Much appreciated,

Well, there could be lots of things, depending on the different email layers. For example, some university's own spam-guards will quarantine an email before it gets to your account, and then you have to figure out how to unquarantine it. (This has happened to me plenty of times!)

We might get more info if you turn on error messages and check to see if it gives any more information.

OK - great. Thanks for your help. Sure enough, the university had spam filtered it out (not even to my spam box).


I love it when they do that! Glad you can get back in!