lost password and email reminder

I somehow misplaced my pw for Omeka and trying to use the email reminder, but do not receive my emails from the Forgot Password Email reminder/.

So I need to figure out a way into the Omeka admin or how to make the Forgot form work.

Please help.



When you're unable use the forgot password email reminder, what type of error message do you receive? Does Omeka say that the email was sent, but you don't receive it? You may want to double-check your spam folder to make sure it wasn't junked.

Hi Stephen,

If you haven't already, check in your trash or spam filters to see if the email got caught there. You should also check that your host or server can send mail using PHP.

Alternatively, you could change your password in the DB directly. In phpMyAdmin, for example, you could go to your users table, find and edit the row for the admin user. Edit your password field to whatever you want, and choose 'SHA1' from the dropdown under the "Function" column. This will save the password. This won't solve the problem of you not getting emails, but it will get you access to the Omeka admin again.