Long (medium) term support for Scripto plugin ?

Hello all, hello CHNM,
I am working on a project people should be interested in transcription using omeka, and the scripto plugin should match their needs.

It works well but there hasn't been any update on the core plugin hasn't been updated on github for more than one year ( https://github.com/omeka/plugin-Scripto ). As this plugin heavily depends on another software (mediawiki), I wonder if, if mediawiki api changes, there are plans to update the plugin.

I know it's open source and that I can update it myself if needed but it is a side project and I won't have much time to invest on it.


A fork of Scripto has been updated for University of Iowa's DIY History Transcription project.


Unlike lot of proprietary softwares, the MediaWiki API is relatively stable and the last release works fine with the original Scripto and the fork one.

The fork has some improvements to facilitate management of transcription. Currently, see https://github.com/Daniel-KM/Scripto, because the last DIY release has some git related errors.


Daniel Berthereau
Infodoc & Knowledge management

Hi Symac,

The reason we haven't updated the Scripto plugin in the last year is that the core updates to Omeka haven't demanded it during that time.

We're in the midst of beginning work on another project at the Center that will require transcriptions and that will result in the plugin getting a little bit of love.

Either way, we're committed to the long term updating of Scripto for Omeka.

Director of Omeka and Scripto

@all, thanks for these information, I am going to see with my IT team to find some time to test the plugin.