logo with link

I would like to add a hyperlink to the logo jpg in the Thanks Roy theme.

Can you tell me what the code should be and where I put it?


The logo always has a link to the home page -- is that not happening, or do you want to make the logo link elsewhere?

I'd like to make the logo link elsewhere.

For that, look in the theme's common/header.php file. Find this line (around 103):

<div id="site-title"><?php echo link_to_home_page(theme_logo()); ?></div>

and replace it with

<div id="site-title"><a href='http://example.com'><?php echo theme_logo(); ?> </a></div>



Now, on the landing page of the exhibit,

there is no link to the homepage,

One question is whether the exhibit is configured to use the "Current Public Theme". If so, then the link on the logo will go to the same link you added. If not, then you would have to make the same change to the themes that exhibits use. Or, if there is no link at all, it'll help to tell which theme the exhibit is using.

I'll add, too, that that seems like it might be moving into confusing navigation. Generally, across a site, in the header the same image/link should always go to the same place.

Both the exhibit and the site are using "Thanks Roy." There has been no logo for the exhibit, so the name of the site ("Digital Exhibits") appeared by default and lead to the site homepage, which was good.

When I added the logo with an external link to the site homepage, "Digital Exhibits" vanished from the exhibit page.

If possible, I'd like not to put the logo w/ external link on the exhibit page, but have "Digital Exhibits" back and have that lead to the site homepage.

So, the navigation would be pretty linear: from the exhibit to the site homepage to a larger institutional site via the external link in the logo on the site homepage.

Ah. My bad on part of it. In the line that you changed, I forgot that the function deleted also prints the site title. So, in that line you can probably just type in the name of the site. That should get things closer to back to normal.

The header is the same across all Omeka pages, so making them different would be complicated...I'm not really sure off the top of my head how to do that.

Ok, I get it.

If only one link is possible, where can I change the text that appears when no logo is uploaded for the header?

Thanks for helping with this.

Never mind. I found it.