Logo not displaying in header for Exhibits

A colleague uploaded a logo for our theme via the admin theme configuration page. The logo is displaying on our homepage and "Browse Exhibits" but when you navigate to an exhibit or a section of an exhibit the site name is displaying instead of the logo. How can I adjust this so the header displays uniformly (e.g. with the logo not the site name) across both our homepages and our exhibit pages?

Are the exhibits set to "Current Public Theme" or to specific themes of their own?

"Current Public Theme" uses the theme used on the rest of the site without changes, and should maintain the same logo. Any other selected themes mean the Exhibit is using its own independent theme with its own options, including things like the logo.

It's set to use the same theme (an adaptation of Berlin) but is not set to "Current Public Theme" so that exhibits can upload their own individual custom header images. I am trying to figure out where to tweak the code so that the logo from the theme is carried over, the same way that other header elements (search bar, navigation menu) carry over.