LOGO issue with Griddy theme

Okay, so I searched and could not find anything about adding logos. I have a PNG file that I would like to use as a logo. However, I can't find out how to place it on my site. I have checked the admin area which doesn't seem to have a logo setting area. I have read someone talking vaguely about editing the header.php file in the /common folder, with no details other than v1.2 was supposed to allow for logo settings in admin.

I am using v1.5 and the Griddy theme.

Anyone? :(

If the theme doesn't have an option for adding a logo through the configuration interface, you'll have to add the image tag to the theme's common/header.php.

You'd do this just like you would in normal HTML basically, with a <img> tag.

I guess the issue is that I can't figure out where in the header.php to place the logo designation.

Here is the code from the header.php file

<!-- Meta -->
<meta charset="utf-8" />
<meta name="description" content="<?php echo settings('description'); ?>" />

<?php echo auto_discovery_link_tag(); ?>

<!-- Plugin Stuff -->
<?php plugin_header(); ?>

<!-- Stylesheets -->
queue_css(array('screen', 'formalize'), 'screen');
queue_css('print', 'print');
<?php griddy_custom_background(); ?>

<!-- JavaScripts -->


<?php echo body_tag(array('id' => @$bodyid, 'class' => @$bodyclass)); ?>

<?php plugin_body(); ?>

<div id="wrap">

<div id="header">
<?php plugin_page_header(); ?>
<div id="search-wrap">
<?php echo link_to_advanced_search(); ?>
<?php echo simple_search(); ?>
</div><!-- end search -->

<div id="site-title"><?php echo link_to_home_page(); ?></div>

</div><!-- end header -->

<div id="primary-nav">
<ul class="navigation">
<?php echo public_nav_main(array('TheCoilist.com' => ('http://www.thecoilist.com'), 'Browse Items' => uri('items'), 'Browse Collections'=>uri('collections'))); ?>

</div><!-- end primary-nav -->

<div id="content">
<?php plugin_page_content(); ?>