Login Timeout

I'm working with a scholar using Omeka and she's expressed some frustration with the length of the login. A search of this forum showed a response a year ago that you couldn't adjust the timeout length but I wanted to check if this had changed. I'd be happy to modify the PHP or MySQL, if that's necessary.

The standard time for an Omeka login to last is 2 weeks if you choose the "Remember Me" option. If you don't, your login should expire when you close your browser.

The next release of Omeka (which I can't give a date for at the moment) should resolve a problem some users had that caused them to be logged out more quickly than they should have been.

Ah ha. We have been timing out in roughly 5 minutes and Remember Me being checked hasn't had any effect. Any recommendations on what to do to help with this issue until the fix is out?

You can try adjusting the php.ini setting session.gc_maxlifetime, which has a somewhat confusing name, but it actually specifies the amount of time in seconds that PHP will wait before considering a session stale and a candidate for removal.

5 minutes is faster even than PHP's worst-case default behavior, though. It's possible that there's some other process on your server that's going through and deleting the PHP session files periodically, which would cause this problem.