Login idle time out

Is there a way to specify the login idle time out? It seems pretty short and I can't finish mapping my fields using the CSV importer before it times out.

Anyone? Is there a way to increase the time I can stay logged in to Omeka so I have enough time to finish mapping my fields using the CSV import plugin? I have a lot of them.

There currently isn't a way to change the length of the idle timeout. See if checking "remember me" when logging in helps.

How long is it taking you to map the fields? We could look into increasing the length of this, or make it a setting in a future version.

Sorry for the delay. I had an idea the forum would send me an email when someone replied.

It takes a few minutes at least to map the fields. The export CSV file for our film information has 75 fields. Some of these represent multiples, so for example, we have several filmmakers I assign to Creator fields. I am adding more fields to represent the video, which will become Moving Image fields and will need to add a few fields to connect our contexts and transcripts (new document types) to the Moving Image document through Omeka urls.

It takes a second or two for each field to respond when I click the + to add another input. It all adds up.

I did manage to complete the task by keeping Omeka open in a second tab and refreshing it while I worked.

It would be nice to have the idle timeout as a configuration value.


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Also you should add the idle time out to the Feature Requests forum.