I would very much like Omeka to have a built in localization feature. Basically, I am thinking of a file/set of files that can be translated once by a person and then used by all those that want to have Omeka in that language.

And localised timezone would be nice too so that the "date added" is actually the real date! :)

We are from Russian and we have interest using your system for National Script Museum of Ural region. We install and translate in Russian language, but Omeka bad for localization. Use localization file like Joomla! with global constant. We may send russian version of omeka and some plugins to you for publication on Omeka site if you need.

Thanks for the localization requests, folks! We're planning to add language localization in 2.0.

pcoutas: Excellent point about localized timezone. I'll add a ticket for that for an upcoming release of Omeka. We should certainly be able to get that into 2.0, but hopefully we can do it earlier.

I would be happy to contribute with Romanian translations as needed, just let me know.

Do you know approximatly the schedule for the version 2 of Omeka. We are mainly interested in the french localization, so we need to have an idea of when that localization will be avalaible. Thanks for that great project!

I will be very happy to contribute to the french localization, just tell me wich files we need to change (at least for the users...). Merci!

Hi pierchart,

We don't have a timetable yet for version 2.0, but I'll post here (and on the Omeka blog) when we do. This summer, I would like to organize some kind of meeting, maybe on IRC or through the development listserv, to see who would be interested in contributing to localization of Omeka. It may be that we put this in a 1.x release of Omeka this summer (maybe even 1.3!). I am really grateful you're interested in contributing to this, so we'll definitely make sure it happens!

Hi Jeremy,

I am coming back to know what is your plan for localization of Omeka. You said before that you were thinking to do something this summer... so, now it is warm enough ;-)

Thanks in advance,



i desire to translate omeka in bothe arabic and french languages, i am ready at any time !!

so do you think the version 2.0 will come soon now ?


Thanks for the interest in localization, everyone! We did miss this last summer, but have put it on our roadmap for the 1.5 release. We've had a few preliminary discussions about how this the last few weeks, so we are planning to add initial support in the coming months.

It would be great to have a few translations available when we release 1.5. So if anyone else is available to contribute some translations for 1.5, please let us know here. I'll keep this thread posted as we continue working on it.

that's great to see a new version 1.5 coming soon...
i am available to contribute some translations for 1.5 : Arabic and French.


I can help with the Spanish

I could help with German, I'd really love to see an internationalized Omeka come to recommend it to a number of german projects ...

Hello, we can help with Hungarian.
The best would be to have an online surface to implement the translation in a central database, not to work individually..

Thanks for all the offers to help with translations!

I'm happy to say that we recently created a 'i18n' branch of Omeka in our SVN repository. This is a development branch, and shouldn't be used for production sites. But if you're interested in contributing to this, please consider checking out the branch. Details about this work are in an email I just sent to the omeka-dev listserv.

madcs: Agreed. This is a point I make in that dev list email I mention above. We're looking into some solutions for this.

Hi Jeremy,

I´m very happy to see that you are working in the localization of Omeka.

After downloading the i18n branch, I have uploaded it to dreamhost, created a database (and change the db.ini), but it doesn´t want to install. When I point to the URL where I have installed Omeka, it giving me the following error:

Fatal error: Call to undefined function __() in /home/danmon21/ceadocumentacion.tk/project2/application/forms/Install.php on line 35

I should probably wait until you release an stable version but I though I could help with the translations...

Thanks for your help,


Thanks for reporting this.

There's an issue with running the installer on the internationalization branch, we'll try to get this fixed soon.

We'll also be sure to announce when we've gotten this to a more stable state (and we should also have a web interface available for making translations).

Hi, everyone! I've seen Omeka in action at THATCAMP Florence and i've planned to start using it to manage some of my projects. After the first days of trial / error, i found an important issue: localization. I will be happy to contribute with an italian loc. as soon as you will publish the fixed version (as you stated in the above post)!

Bye and thanks for all the fish!

Hi, I'm a happy new user of Omeka, here in Brazil. Point is my contributors will neither speak nor read English. Please count me in to translate to Portuguese - PtBr.

I wonder... if we had the language files we could speed up the process by working on Poedit and sending them to you before the new version.

What do u think? Can we do that?

I'm from Portugal and would be very interested in contribute with a PT_pt translation.


Hello everyone. Sorry for the problably dummy question, but need to confirm.

The localization feature in progress aims to empower omeka users to create multilanguage systems correct? With all the contents of the database available in several languages, metadata included.

I have also started with the portuguese translation, I expect to have it ready within a week, how can I upload it for you check and perhaps include in Omeka.

Best regards

This thread (and the feature in progress) is specifically related to localizing and translating Omeka itself, the interface, not the metadata.

Allowing users to easily store multilingual data is on our radar, but further off on the horizon.

Being with a project in hands for what I was analyzing OMEKA to acomplish is it possible to know how further off on the radar? 6 months,1 year?

Thanks for your answer
Best regards

We're coming to the end of the current release cycle now, and the "first step" of translating the interface is on the road map for the next cycle.

Multilingual metadata support isn't on the roadmap yet, but we'll keep in mind that there's interest in this feature.


Best regards

I would gladly contribute a Romanian localisation.

I'd also be happy to help with a German localization.

I am also to make a translation in Hellenic (Greek), but at the time being it seems that we can only have only one language available. Is that so? How everyone copes with this?

Thank you in advance


I would just like to add my support for these Omeka localization features. Project CLAMA, an Indiana University-based collaboration with three archives in Latin America (see www.clama.org), could potentially make good use of Omeka. We could certainly help with Spanish translations.

It looks like the Digital Library Program here at IU has won some NEH startup money to make an Omeka plugin for their video/audio segmentation and annotation tool. I'm hoping our project can assist them with Localization features for that plugin, too.


Could you please give us an update of the progress in the integration of the i18n internationalization branch. I have seen in the roadmap that the version 1.5 is due in less than a month. Is that an approximate date or should we expect the new version by that time?

Plese not that it is not my intention to put any kind of pressure on you. It is only to plan ourselves.


It is progressing and we anticipate that it will be available in 1.5. The listed date for the release of 1.5 is not set in stone, but it is safe to anticipate it being released before the end of the year.

I can help with catalan and spanish.
Waiting for 1.5!

Please contact me if you need support for the German translation.

I'm looking forward to the localization features in 1.5!

I (and others earlier in the thread) are also willing to help with a German localization.

Is the Omeka team planning to release v1.5 in multiple languages or just have it be "localization ready"?

These organizational issues are up in the air a little, since what works best might not be immediately clear and how things get packaged up will depend on how many languages actually have work done on them.

Right now, the plan is to have a string freeze pretty soon, so we can have enough time for at least some languages to have translations actually included with the 1.5 release.

This being our first go-round of a release with translation support, we're going to be playing it by ear a little with the timeline, I think.

Good news! We're ready to open up the doors to translations. We're using the Transifex service, so you'll need a free account there. Read more about it in our documentation.

Happy translating, and many thanks!

Thank you! Is there a way to test the translations?!
Is it ok to test with the https://omeka.org/svn/branches/i18n/ ?
Shoul I just put the pot file there?!

The current code is available at https://github.com/omeka/Omeka, we're not using our old SVN (or that i18n branch) anymore.

The correct version that supports translations is called 1.5-dev, and is the "master" branch on GitHub.

You can use the Omeka GitHub repository similarly to SVN (only using Git, of course), or you can also get GitHub to generate a zip for you to download by clicking the "ZIP" button.

In any case, to test a translation on 1.5-dev, you place the .mo file in the application/languages folder, then set the "locale" setting in config.ini to the part before ".mo."

Apologies if this all sounds a little confusing at this stage. We'll also make an easier-to-use pre-release zipped copy of 1.5 for people to test with, so you might want to wait for that option instead. For this zipped version, we'll include all the necessary files for any translations that have been submitted on Transifex, and all you'll have to do is set the "locale" setting for your desired language.

All good here! I'm building a small demo collection to present to my fellow colleagues. It should be added that 1.5-dev is not working fully OTB. It needs fiddling, but it is OK in the end! Thanks for this.

OK, I have succeeded in building this 1.5-dev portable Omeka on top of an XAMPP app. The language specified is Romanian, but if you need to test another lang pack you may simply put the files in the languages folder and make the appropriate modification in your config.ini.
Remember before stating XAMPP to regenerate the app's settings launching xampp setup before the controller.

Have fun!

Dear friends,
Translating the strings for Simple Pages I came across with this little thing:
In the
Occurrences: models/SimplePagesPage.php:90
String ID: The slug for your page must not be a forward slash.

it is specified that the slug is not to contain a forward slash and further down below

Occurrences: views/admin/index/form.php:22
String ID: The URL slug for the page. Automatically created from the title if not entered. Allowed characters: alphanumeric, underscores, dashes, and forward slashes.

it is legal to have it. Hmmmm... a bit puzzled here. it means you may have something like [URL]/slug/moreslug ?


Obviously, there's a little confusion in those messages, and I think it boils down to the first string being confusing.

A SimplePages slug can contain a forward slash, so you can simulate a directory structure with your pages. What you can't do is make a slug that's only a forward slash and nothing else (just /).

right! thnak you for clearing this up! Cheers

Hello dear Omeka community.

May I ask if there is any developments about the possibility of create multilingual digital repositories including metadata in different languages?

Thank you very much

Kind regards