Local theme not reading correct summary php page for exhibits after upgrade

We just upgraded from 1.3 to 1.5. We're using a local adaptation of the Rhythm theme. It shows fine in the themes are in settings and appears to respond to the configuration settings there.

However for exhibits, we customized the /omeka/themes/LLrhythm/exhibit-builder/exhibits/summary.php to display only exhibit titles - no descriptions.

This worked fine in 1.3 and was copied correctly from the 1.3 version to the 1.5.

However 1.5 doesn't load the summary.php from within our theme. It seems to load this page from somewhere else or perhaps from a cache somewhere. I've made comments, deleted whole sections and the page source shows none of these changes. I don't see anywhere obvious to clear cache from within the admin area.

Any clues to what's going on with this one?


Bobb Menk
MIT Lincoln Laboratory Library

Solved part of this (of course just after I post to the forum). The summary.php page is behaving as it should - it's just not the page that needs to be modified.

I'm really looking at the page one level up from the exhibit summary - the page you land on when you click the "Exhibitions" navigation link. I'm not sure which page that actually is - show.php perhaps?

The first page when you click the "Exhibitions" link is browse.php.

The first page for an individual exhibit is summary.php, and when you dig into the exhibit itself on a section or page, that gets you to show.php

Thanks for the pointer to browse.php. I'm still having issues though. The only browse file I'm finding is in /omeka/themes/LLrhythm/items/browse.php and that is definitely not the page being used by the browser. Even if I was commenting out the wrong bits, view source should be showing the comments I've added to the page and they're not there.

Is there some other location that it might be pulling browse.php from?

Also, I'm comparing the 1.5 install with the 1.3 install on the old host. The /items/browse.php file on the old 1.3 instance has never been changed, yet clicking the Browse Exhibits link gives me the abbreviated list of exhibits that I'm after.

In the admin settings for our theme, both old and new instance have "Browse Exhibits | /exhibits" as the location for the navigation. Could that be pointing somewhere other than to the browse.php you mention above?


Bobb Menk

OK finally found the file in question:


is the one I've modified in the past.

I can make my changes there, but shouldn't the plugin defer to the themes/items/browse.php file? Seems like if I have to modify something int he plugin directory it will get blown away whenever we upgrade a plugin.



Bobb Menk

That is true, but the overall structure of Omeka needs to separate out responsibility for displaying content between different content types. items/browse.php knows how to display items, but it can't try to know how to display other things -- collections, simple pages, exhibits, etc. all take different data, and therefore need different browse pages.