List total number of files

I'm using Omeka for a small digitisation project where we have imported about 9500 items from various small MS Works databases. We're slowly scanning the photos and attaching files to the items in Omeka. It would be great to see the number of files on the Dashboard so when volunteers log in, they can see how we're doing - how many photos have been scanned and added to items.

I've had a look on the Omeka Read the Docs but can't find what I'm looking for. Any tips would be appreciated.



I've answered my own question:

I added the following line after line 8 to the admin theme's index.php:

array(link_to('files', null, total_records('Files')), __('files'))

Perhaps this could be a useful addition to the default stats.

A small plugin that uses the admin_dashboard_stats filter could also add this easily, without touching the core code.

Similar question but it would to know how to add the number of files to the front page, footer or header or text?