List of Collections Display Limited

On my installation of Omeka 1.0, choosing Browse Collections produces a list limited to ten entries. I have more and can see them through the administration panel. But not in the public interface.

There was a brief thread about this last summer, and a patch was issued to deal with it in Omeka 0.9.

Is it safe to apply this patch to 1.0 or will it break something? If not, can an updated patch be conjured up?

It seems to me the standard behavior should be to display all collections.


You can add the following code to the collections page of your theme (located in /collections/browse.php), under the <h1></h1> code:

<div class="pagination"><?php echo pagination_links(); ?></div>

That should add the links you're looking for, and we plan to include these links by default in future themes/releases. Thanks for pointing this out!

Thanks. That fixed the problem nicely and easily.