Links in Description of Featured Item

A few of my items have links that I have put into the description. These links appear fine and work fine in the item's description as part of the item's full "show" rendering.

However, when these descriptions get pulled into the "Featured Item" rotation on my Omeka database homepage, they don't appear at all. The word that contains the hyperlink doesn't display any links, nor do any appear on rollover. They are just gone.

Is there a way to have links that are created in the description carry over when that description is pulled into a featured item display?

Hmm, I wonder if the HTML isn't rendering since the featured items pull a snippet of the description.

What version of Omeka are you using and what public theme have you chosen?

It is Omeka 1.1 and the Santa Fe theme. Here's the site although it is hard to recreate this problem since the featured item randomly pulls from 70+ items, and only three or four have a link that isn't rendering.