Linking to item metadata from sound clip in exhibit

Hi! Our class Omeka site (built in has several exhibits with sound clips -- students have uploaded the clips and put them in the exhibits. The players appear, but there doesn't seem to be a way to link from the players to their associated metadata -- the only case where that happens is when they've uploaded an image along with the audio file. In that case, they have to click the image to get to the sound file, but they do arrive at the item metadata page.

Is there a way to have the audio player bar that appears in the exhibit also serve as a link to the item's metadata? Would they also need to include a photo thumbnail as part of the item for this to happen?

Also -- one of one of the student's clips starts playing when she clicks on the exhibit page the clip is on, without her clicking the actual audio play button. This only happens for one clip, on some computers -- is there a way to control this?

A final question: the clips are all oral histories, so they chose "oral history" as the item type. Does it matter, re: how the sound clip displays, if they choose "oral history" or "sound" as the item type, or is that really a matter only of metadata?

Thanks so much!