Linking previously uploaded audio files to new metadata records

As the result of a server backup failure, we lost the metadata records in our local Omeka instance. The audio files which were linked to each record are still there, and we know the Omeka file names for each of them (and which metadata record they belong to).

I've re-created the metadata records. Is there any way that I can link them to the audio files (without having to upload them all again)?

Thanks very much.

Ouch. That's a bad day!

There's not a direct method -- anything will require some fancy footwork with database changes.

The first thing to check is whether the backup failure lost information in the files table in the database. If that's still intact, there should be a way to update the item_ids there. If it's a small number, manually might be quick and simple enough.

If not, there might be other options. There's a fork of CSVImport from Daniel Berthereau that might be able to do it.

Thanks, Patrick.

I ended up creating an additional metadata field where I listed the audio files and embedded the links to them in the HTML.

This seems to work OK!