Linked Data code being stripped out


I am attempting to inject some authority Open Linked Data into the description of my Exhibit using the HTML tab in TinyMCE. Here it is:

<div vocab="" typeof="Person">
<span property="name">
<link property="sameAs" href="">
<link property="sameAs" href="">
<link property="sameAs" href="">
John Barth

While I have turned off HTML Filtering for my Omeka instance, this code is nevertheless being stripped out. No fair! Does anyone know how I can get TinyMCE to stop stripping out my code?


Mark Cyzyk
The Sheridan Libraries
Johns Hopkins University

I think you might need to actually edit on the TinyMCE side as it is unlikely to view those as valid elements and TinyMCE will delete anything which it views as invalid (as I learned the hard way with a Drupal project).

This might be something to consider:

Let me know how this works out. I added a URL field for VIAF links as a separate item field on my item type form, but as we move forward in building out exhibits from our photographs, I would love to have linkeddata represented on the exhibit page.