Link to record in neatline map

Hi, I'd like to use the coverage field which has POLYGON coordinates in it (e.g. POLYGON(x1 y1, x2 y2, x3 y3)) to put a small map showing a polygon on the page beside each item.

Or alternatively just a link to the item within neat-line map. This is working, I just can't work out how to generate the map URL.

Any ideas.

Another alternative is a small Neatline map on the item record page that has the item selected.


You have a couple of options.

NeatlineFeatures allows you to draw your features on a map, which shows in place of the coverage field.

You can also get the link for any item in a Neatline exhibit. If you have the exhibit in fullscreen mode and navigate to an item, you can just copy the URL for that item out of the your browser's navigation bar. You could include that in the Coverage field of the Omeka item.

Hope this helps,

Thanks, I thought of that. I need to avoid having to do it manually as there are a few hundred of them! Does anyone know what I need to do on the show.php view page in omeka to create a link to the item record in the neatline exhibit? That would probably do the trick.


The problem with this is that there's no simple way of getting at that. You have to do a number of database queries. Something like this gist should give you an idea of what you'll need to put into the show.php file.