link thumbnail image


I am a bit new to both Omeka and website building, so please excuse my ignorance up front.

I have searched and read through a couple dozen help forum topics, but I was not able to find a direct answer to this issue (albeit I'm sure it has been answered at some point--maybe repeatedly!).

I am using and I am trying to link to one of the items I want to add. I realize I can put the image in HTML in the description box (or any other box for that matter, I think), but a thumbnail of that image does not pop up when browsing through all items on the public page.

Is there any way to link the image to provide a thumbnail that will be seen when browsing through the items?

Thanks so much for your help and patience! Please let me know if any other info may be useful in assessing this question!

The answer is no. In Omeka thumbnails are generated by creating derivatives from attached files. If you link to a file through a metadata field there will be no attached file to work on.

Also, in the future, questions should be directed to the contact form there: (after reviewing the documentation: