Limiting Access to IP Range


Is there a way to limit the privacy settings for an item to a certain IP range? Due to copyright restrictions on some of the articles we are offering, we need to limit access to people only at our physical site. We have set the item restrictions to "private," but a direct link to the item from our catalog allows public users to access the item.

You could do IP-based restrictions on an IP basis with Apache configuration or .htaccess files, but Omeka itself doesn't do anything like that.

Can your catalog link to the Omeka item page, which will be access-controlled, instead of directly to the file?

Thank you for your quick reply, John. When accessing the private item page from the catalog, the user has to be logged into the Omeka site itself in order to access the item record.

I think Apache-level restrictions are your best bet here, if I'm understanding your requirements.

Configuration of that is a little beyond the scope of these forums, but you'd be looking to do something with Apache's Allow and Deny directives. You should be able to pick specific files to restrict, or apply the limits to the whole site.

As a follow-up, the Allow/Deny directives were the way to go to restrict access to all of the files. How do you partially restrict acces to specific items? Would it be a matter of creating a separate folder (not collection) in Omeka?