Limit on tags per item?

Is there a limit on the number of tags that can be attached to an item in v.10? The public theme in v.10 only will display 10 tags for an item even if more than 10 are assigned. It also appears that the "edit" mechanism in admin will only accommodate up 10 tag association. Any associations beyond that number are deleted whenever you make any kind of edit to an item. Is there somewhere that this behavior can be changed to allow more tags per item?

There shouldn't be any limit to the number of tags, so this appears to be a bug. I could add more than ten in admin/items/edit page for an item, but not the panel for tags on the admin/items/show page for an item, which is really odd. We'll have to add a ticket for this bug, and will update this forum topic when we resolve it.

Sorry for the bug, but thanks for finding it!

Thanks for checking into this. You can add as many as you like during an initial add or during an edit session using admin/items/edit. However when you open up an item for re-editing using the edit mechanism any tags that you've entered beyond ten disappear when you save your changes, even if they are unrelated to the tags you've given an item. Also the public interface won't display any more than ten tags for an item when you look at a record in the individual item view.