Library of Congress Suggest auto-complete

Hi I'm struggling to get the Library of Congress Suggest add-on auto-suggest feature to work. On the info page it says:

When adding or editing item metadata, users must start typing in the open text box of that specific field adding the first couple of letters of the vocabulary or authority to prompt the auto-suggest feature. There might be a short delay, but a short menu will appear with choices drawn directly from the authority or vocab list you have associated with that field.

I've connected fields to authorities no problem but when I try to an identifier or keyword (or anything!) I don't get the 'short menu' at all. Auto-complete works fine for tags however so I know it works. I've tried multiple browsers and I have full access to the Internet.

Any thoughts on what I'm doing wrong?

Which fields have you connected, and are you typing in something you know is a Library of Congress subject heading?

So far we have set up:

Element Set Element Authority/Vocabulary
Dublin Core Subject Library of Congress Subject Headings
Dublin Core Language ISO 639-5 Language Families and Groups
Dublin Core Contributor Library of Congress Names
Dublin Core Creator Library of Congress Names
Dublin Core Publisher Library of Congress Names

We know they are LoC headings because we are testing from the known site which is why we're a bit stumped about why nothing is popping up. I'm not sure whether it is supposed to work directly with identifiers as well as the labels, but we've tried that also and still nothing. Thanks

It's been a while since I've looked at the LoC site, but from a quick look at these I have a strong suspicion that there has been a change in the API from LoC that we use to get suggestion data from them. So far, it looks like the plugin can get data from the 'Search All' option, but not from the more specific ones.

We'll do a little more digging.


Much appreciated Patrick!