LDAP plugin needs updates for version 2.2.2

The Ldap plugin worked for Version 2.1.4 but there are some changes to version 2.2.2 in forms/User.php and controllers/UsersController.php that cause the Ldap plugin version of addAction and editAction to be broke.

I replaced the the addAction and editAction functions in the Ldap UsersController.php with the addAction and editAction from the application/controllers/UsersController.php functions and that seems to work. Then I thought if it is the same code then why does it need to be in the plugin, so I removed those two functions from the Ldap UsersController.php file and it seems to be working that way too.

Can someone who is more familiar with the Ldap plugin code tell me:
Is this fix breaks anything else?
Does more need to be done?
And can someone update the plugin on the download site.


I've reported this, and a likely fix, on the plugin's GitHub page. It'll probably be best to watch there for a fix.


I have Omeka 2.1.2. Any LDAP Plugin that works with this version? I tried the one on Github but it only works with Omeka 2.2.2+. Any suggestions?

In fact I want to allow only specific people to access certain exhibitions, how can I do this if I can't find an LDAP plugin?

Many Thanks,

The quickest option might be to update Omeka to 2.2.2.

There might be other ways to address access, depending on whether you mean by exhibits within one Omeka installation, or by different sites as they're own exhibitions.